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“Set art free!” event – Exploring and remixing open collections

June 26, 2015
Photo by Ida Tietgen Høyrup / CC BY-SA 4.0

During the last weekend of May 2015, the Europeana Creative project organized in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark an SMK Fridays event called “Set art fee!” in Copenhagen. The event aimed to inspire and showcase creative use of open cultural collections via different activities ranging from workshops to installations. The event was a lots […]

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Animated GIF workshop


One of the activities organized by the Europeana Creative project at the “Set Art Free!” event was a workshop where people could make animated GIFs. As the event took place at the National Gallery of Denmark, the animations were made using the Gallery’s public domain image collection, which contains a variety of images of paintings […]

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As Light Goes By – Installation for the Mix it up! exhibition


As Light Goes By is an installation made for the Mix it up! exhibition, which took place at the “Set art free!” event that was organized in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark. As the idea of the exhibition was to remix artworks from the National Gallery using their public domain image collection, I chose Vilhelm Hammershøi’s […]

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Vinyl stickers

June 3, 2015

How to customise or create a name tag for your computer? I decided to go with my first name initial letter, as I wanted something stylish and fairly simple. There is plenty of scanned graphics and typography in Europeana, for example in the public domain marked collection of letters by the British Library. They can be used […]

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#CultJam15 Helsinki

June 1, 2015

Can posters and paintings come into life? Is it possible to make jewellery out of 1800 century newspapers? Or how about creating melody cards from educational illustrations, using art deco wallpaper patterns to fashion designs, or giving 3D form to objects that have been painted on canvas 200 years ago? Join us in Aalto Media […]

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Mix it up! – Open culture exhibition of remixes from public domain artworks

May 14, 2015
Photos by SMK

Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) and the Europeana Creative project has challenged a group of creative minds to rethink, remix and redesign our common culture. The novel interpretations and appropriations will be presented at the experimental Mix it up!  – Open culture exhibition at SMK 29—31 May, 2015. The aim of this endeavour is to engage artists, designers […]

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