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#CultJam15 Helsinki

June 1, 2015

Can posters and paintings come into life? Is it possible to make jewellery out of 1800 century newspapers? Or how about creating melody cards from educational illustrations, using art deco wallpaper patterns to fashion designs, or giving 3D form to objects that have been painted on canvas 200 years ago?

Join us in Aalto Media Factory FabLab on the 4th of June to jam with our common culture, experiment and create new designs, art artefacts and objects. We are welcoming all creative tinkerers, DIY practitioners, designers and developers who are interested in exploring and engaging open digital cultural heritage with tools and resources available in the Aalto FabLab. In this one day session we create tangible objects from open cultural heritage found through a visual search tool CultureCam.

The aim of the Culture Jam sessions is to connect the digital cultural heritage offered by Europeana to communities of designers and artists who wish to use open cultural content as inspiration and sources for new derivative works.

Want to join? Register here.

The goal: To co-create and foster the development of prototypes (such as artworks or design artefacts, mobile/web application mockups, ready-made physical products, 3D printed or laser cut objects or for example new services) that promote and reuse digital heritage content from Europeana. During a day long intense “Culture Jam” workshop at Aalto Fablab, participants will share ideas and designs, inspire each other and test new ways of integrating digital cultural heritage into new concepts.

The results: We are looking to create experimental objects, colorful diagrams, attractive and informative wireframes and detailed mockups, handcrafted materials and any other “slow” prototyped materials using digital heritage found via Culture Cam from Europeana which can inspire further developments. Here are just some possible examples:

  • Digital wallpaper projection
  • 3D printed versions of sculptures or artistic objects
  • Mockup of an interactive platform related to museum experiences
  • Textile prints or embroidery
  • Arduino or electric artifacts decorated with digitized textures
  • Minimum viable app for re-using copyleft digital heritage
  • Add your innovative and crazy prototype idea here! :)

The content: We will use Culture Cam to access a curated collection of European digital cultural heritage from Europeana. The content in Culture Cam has been selected based on its visuality, and is open and re-usable for any kind of application.

The inspiration: Need inspiration? Check what we have created in our eCreative Pilots or the awesome concepts behind our Challenge winners in Education, Social Networks and Tourism, and Design. If you want to know more about other similar events being organized by some of the Europeana Creative partners, take a look at the Hack Your Heritage results…

What is in it for you? You will be able to take part in a vibrant and creative lab experience and make your vision a prototype reality. You might also get a chance to present your prototype at the Europeana Creative Culture Jam in Vienna, Austria. More info about Europeana Creative Culture Jam #CultJam15 Europeana Creative Culture Jam is the final showcase event of Europeana Creative, a groundbreaking project that explores ways for creative industries to connect with cultural heritage. One representative of one the most interesting prototypes will be invited to that event in Vienna, which will take place at the Austrian National Library on July 9th and 10th 2015.

Ownership: All teams retain intellectual ownership of what they have created during the Culture Jam, but pictures and other recorded formats of results will be shared online with a Creative Commons license for documentation (CC BY-SA).

Food and drink: Lunch and snacks will be served, and coffee, tea and soft drinks are available all day.

Respect and openness: All participants must be kind to others and behave professionally. We welcome attendees from all backgrounds. Hack your heritage, get creative, network, learn, discover and have a good time! Getting something meaningful done within such a short amount of time can be stressful, but we’d like to encourage everyone to take a break every now and then to relax and enjoy the event.

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