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Illustrations from archive photos

January 28, 2015

Collages are probably among the most simple examples of creative reuse of digital cultural heritage – yet the end results can be incredibly diverse. This set of collage illustrations was made for a publication by AvoinGLAM introducing and guiding Finnish cultural organisations towards openness. See the publication here (in Finnish).


Image sources: The Finnish Museum of Photography/Flickr, The Maritime Museum of Finland/Flickr.



Image sources: Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland/Flickr, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma/Flickr, Satakunnan museoThe Finnish Museum of Photography/Flickr.

The simple idea behind these illustrations was to use images from different organisations, and to collect together images with similar themes to give an idea of the wide range of photos available. As the original images were from different time periods, image quality and colours varied a lot. By changing everything into black and white and by adding some noise, the original images got a more solid look to bind them together.


Image sources: Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland/Flickr, Åbo Akademi University Library/Flickr, Finnish National GalleryAalto University/Flickr, Archives of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE/Flickr.



Image sources: Sports Museum of Finland/FlickrSvenska litteratursällskapet i Finland/FlickrArchives of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE/FlickrMuseum of Contemporary Art Kiasma/Flickr.


Image sources: Archives of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE/FlickrNational GallerySvenska litteratursällskapet i Finland/FlickrThe Finnish Museum of Photography/Flickr.

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