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Mix it up! – Open culture exhibition of remixes from public domain artworks

May 14, 2015
Photos by SMK

Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) and the Europeana Creative project has challenged a group of creative minds to rethink, remix and redesign our common culture. The novel interpretations and appropriations will be presented at the experimental Mix it up!  – Open culture exhibition at SMK 29—31 May, 2015.

The aim of this endeavour is to engage artists, designers and practitioners to explore and experiment with a selection of high-resolution images of artworks from the SMK’s open collections. The collections span 700 years of art history, presenting works from Denmark, Europe, and the rest of the world. A large share of these collections are in the Public Domain. They are part of our shared cultural heritage and have been around for so long that they are completely free of any copyright restrictions.

SMK Friday

Photo by SMK

The Opening party will be in conjunction of the SMK Friday event on May 29th at 16 pm–22 pm.
Visitors at the museum can explore new interpretations shown under the same roof as the original artworks. Artists and designers will also give talks about their remixes of SMK artworks and engage in dialogue about their creative work, as a part of the event program.

SMK Fridays is a monthly evening event that caters for a young urban audience. The art is always at the center of attention, but the SMK Fridays reflects the art through music, performances, talks and social experiences in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.
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More information:
Contact information at SMK: Merete Sanderhoff, curator of digital museum practice

Contact information at Europeana Creative: Sanna Marttila, project leader Aalto University ARTS

Sanna Marttila
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