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Bring still images to life

April 23, 2015

Making animated GIFs is probably the easiest way to bring still images, such as paintings or photographs, to life. It is also a lot of fun, as animated GIFs can be extremely simple, or they can combine several images and tell little stories. See great examples in the animated GIF collection in The Public Domain Review.  To make an animated GIF […]

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Animating images with RC servos

March 24, 2015

Many archival images such as old illustrations depict interesting characters, such as this unknown, little man from Het Nationaal Glasmuseum (CC BY). Such imaginative characters are tempting for animation and formats like animated GIFs are quite ideal for playing around with simple animation – have a look at some examples of public domain GIFs here. I wanted to try […]

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Culture Cam

March 23, 2015

Culture Cam is a working prototype of a new search tool that can be used to access the Europeana portal in a fun and playful way. The main idea behind Culture Cam is to provide access and to make the creative re-use of Europeana content easier. Culture Cam is a word free search tool that […]

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Rijksmuseum artworks reused

March 3, 2015

The Dutch Rijksmuseum has opened a great collection of artworks, which can also be found via Europeana. Some of the pieces have found their way to various design applications, such as textile patterns and prints, accessories and for example iPad covers. See examples of reuse on the Rijksmuseum website and makers marketplace Etsy.

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Experimenting with the laser cutter

February 16, 2015

Laser cutting is a simple way to fabricate objects from digital material. Most commonly used materials for laser cutting are acrylic and plywood, which both can be cut into almost any imaginable shape, but also engraved. As my first ever laser cutting experiment I wanted to try both engraving and cutting, so I ended up […]

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Downsampling masterpieces workshop

January 28, 2015

The Downsampling masterpieces workshop was organized as a part of Europeana Creative’s Redesign Your Cultural Heritage session at the Mozilla Festival in London. The session was one of the activities under the Art and Culture of the Web track and explored how open cultural content can be used in creative ways. High-resolution images are often […]

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Illustrations from archive photos


Collages are probably among the most simple examples of creative reuse of digital cultural heritage – yet the end results can be incredibly diverse. This set of collage illustrations was made for a publication by AvoinGLAM introducing and guiding Finnish cultural organisations towards openness. See the publication here (in Finnish). Image sources: The Finnish Museum of Photography/Flickr, The […]

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